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Deft Ones

October 31, 2006

Alright here’s another quick and easy one.


Today should mark the release of the new Deftones album Saturday Night Wrist. I wasn’t able to get my hands on any advances before I went out of town, so unfortunately I don’t have any of the new stuff for you, but I figured this would be a fairly appropriate occasion to do a post on the back catalog of Chino Moreno and company.
Due to the period that the Deftones rose to popularity, coupled with the area they hail from as well as the fact that they play hard rock, unfortunately the band is often catagorized in the mind-numbing “nu-rock” genre with a lot of other bands that are a lot less interesting. Anyone that’s actually listened to their music over the years will quickly concur that these guys are doing a lot more than that… regardless of whether you personally care for them or not.

Saturday night wrist

If nothing else you have to take notice of Chino’s vocals. Songs like Battle-Axe wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if it weren’t for the choices made in vocal delivery. It’s obvious that he’s got some chops, but often Chino chooses to eschew harmonious synchronicity with the instrumentation and create this lilty and melodic style that creates a great juxtoposition.

The best analogy I can come up with would be to have you picture a solitary leaf falling to the ground twisting and swaying as it slowly descends, perhaps catching a slight lift now and then as it floats in the wind. Now imagine this same lef falling in the same slow and gentlemanner in the m idst of a hurricane. At least that’s how I hear it.
Anyway, once again I’m still kind of rushing through these so I won’t go too deep into the backstory this time, but here are some samples of what these innovative NorCal rockers have been laying down for over a decade now.

Deftones – Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

Deftones – Dai the Flu

Deftones – Knife Prty

Deftones – Passenger (feat. Maynard James Keenan of Tool)

Deftones – Battle-Axe

Deftones – Anniversary of An Uninteresting Event

Deftones – To Have and To Hold (Depeche Mode cover)

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Great Moments in Music History

October 30, 2006

Every now and then some shit happens in the music industry that just makes me laugh. Such is the case with this particular incident which should have been the beginning of a great story of narrow minded industry execs getting what they deserve, but unfortunately will probably be forgotten amidst the volumes of unheard stories about great bands who never quite made it to the next level.

The band I’m speaking of this time around is called Rustic Overtones and was comprised of a group of 7 high school friends from Portland, Maine who apparently had a knack for getting together and jamming down on whatever type of groove they felt like getting down with that day. After gaining a local fanbase the band started to tour, sometimes putting on as many as 200 shows a year. After a coupleof acclaimed albums and EP’s on smaller indie imprints the band was given the opportunity to record an album with major label Arista Records.

Rustic Overtones

It’s rumored that the execs over at Arista put forward a budget of a million dollars to record Viva Nueva under the pretense that they’d found the next Dave Matthews band. A couple of special guest were pulled in for the recording sessions including David Bowie, Funkmaster Flex, and Imogen Heap. The boys in Rustic Overtones had other ideas about what they wanted to sound like though and decided to thrash it out hardcore.

Rustic Overtones – Combustible

After hearing the masters the higher-ups at the label wanted nothing to do with it and told them to leave, taking the million dollar masters with them. Unfazed by the reaction of the shirts at Arista the band got the album over to pioneering hip-hop label Tommy Boy Records who agreed to put it out in 2001.

I’m not even going to try and describe the sound to you, but I personally think the album is great. Unfortunately a lot of other stuff was going on in 2001 and having been released the summer before September 11th it was kind of hard to get too much promotion behind singles such as Crash Landing.

Rustic Overtones – Crash Landing

The album’s actually rather eclectic and as I stated before, I get the feeling that these guys just kind of got together and just played whatever they were in the mood for as opposed to trying to define a particular type of sound. When you’ve known and played with your bandmates forever not only can this work but the results can be quite astounding.

Rustic Overtones – Baby Blue

The band decided to part ways in 2002, but several former members can be heard kicking up dust on some other projects. I for one would like to have seen what would have become of the original band had they kept at it. They definitely deserve more recognition then they achieved in their short time with major label backing.

It was hard deciding what tracks to sample for this post. One day when I’m feeling particularly brokenhearted it’s mandatory that I let you hear Valentine’s Day Massacre but this will have to do for now. Or you can go and hunt down this gem for yourselves because if I tried to list all of the highlights I’d just be giving you complete track listing.


Viva Nueva


October 29, 2006

Alright I’m still phoning these in so here’s a special post for you. Those of you who know me are aware that I’m in the filmmaking business. I’ve been working on learning everything I can about this business since the age of fifteen, and obviously music videos have always been a particularly interesting medium to me.

I like stylistic pieces that have interesting imagery and because of this one of my favorite directors has been Paul Hunter for going on over ten years now. A lot of people like to lump him in a pile with Hype Williams and I’ll give you that their styles are rather similar in lighting and the glossy look, but there’s an element to Paul’s work that stands out in my mind. He’s definitely got a knack for imagery and symbolism that I appears obvious to me. I also like the plethora of artists that Paul has worked with over the years a lot of which I discovered through his videos and have now become some of my favorite.

I’m sure to the general public he’s most known for his work with Xtina (pre-slut faze), Lenny Kravitz and other MTV darlings, but I don’t think a lot of people are aware of how deep his portfolio runs. You can check out a complete listing of his videography at this fansite.

For now here’s a sampling of a few of my favorites, some you may or may not have seen before and some others that you probably didn’t know he was responsible for.

A Perfect Circle – 3 Libras

Scarface feat. 2Pac – Smile

Deftones – Back 2 School

Erykah Badu – On & On

Marilyn Manson – I Don’t Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)

Blackstreet feat. Slash, Fishbone, and Old Dirty Bastard – Fix

Kelis – Get Along With You

Hole – Malibu

RAGE Against or For AUDIOSLAVE ?!?!

October 28, 2006


It was sunday afternoon. I was drinking with softball players, and enjoying time in our bar ( The jukebox is playing, so we find ourselves talking music and bands. And as some of us know well, at a certain point, you (or the alcohol) have to narrow down the conversation. So we briefly discuss favorite bands that we have never seen in concert.

SOUNDGARDEN is on the top of my list, so I let it be known. I of course followed up with the fact that at least I have AUDIOSLAVE to make up for my missed opportunities — and that’s as close as I’m ever going to get. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Entire band of Soundgarden like alternakid-‘doctashock’ digs Sonic Youth… it runs deep (& I’ll save that for another post). Just the fact I still have Chris Cornell fronting a new hard-hitting band — I can’t complain. But a young girl at the bar felt she could, “I don’t like Chris Cornell, I’m a Zack fan. Chris ruined Rage Against the Machine’s sound. He’s no Zack De La Rocha.” Oh, it’s on!!


First off, why compare? There should be no comparison. Two seperate bands, two different times, with two unique sounds. I don’t think either lead-singer would want to be compared to the other… it makes no sense! But somehow, she wanted to lay some blame on Chris — as if he was waiting in the wings (doing his solo work), just looking for the right time to sabatoge Rage and show them how it’s done his way. Are you kidding me?!


Rage was without a frontman for over a year, when producer Rick Rubin suggested that Chris consider joining the band in 2001. Which if you do the math, makes Audioslave a “real” band for five years (and 3 albums). I think Rubin’s genius grouping has proved to be a success — just check with the fans (or the sales if you must).


Make no mistake, I think when Rage’s first album hit, it forced people to take another look at the popular rock environment of it’s time — and create a new space for what Rage was bringing to the table. They certainly proved the heavy hitting sounds can still have a political message behind them… and more importantly for the time — still be popular. An amazing acomplishment they will forever be recognized for. When you listen to an early RATM album, it doesn’t ask you to get in the mood for it’s sound — it demands it!


Now with all that being said, if there are any other people holding onto pure Rage so deeply that you can’t allow Audioslave and Chris Cornell into your musical soul (or at least, your musical rock library)… it’s truly a lose on your part. Audioslave’s latest album, REVELATIONS, is full of experimental everything from rock, soul, funk — and powerful hooks you’ve come to expect from artists of this size. But no matter what, “if you want your ass kicked, you’ve come to the right place, ” explains guitarist Tom Morello on the band’s website ( about their latest efforts. He didn’t lie.


Lastly, no matter what you might think, or who you prefer to listen to… I’m just happy to know I win. I get to enjoy Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave albums without any guilt or frustration. But just so you know… Chris Cornell is one the best rock “vocalists” in music. Hands down. Go ahead… look it up. Or better yet, just put your guard down, and give a listen… you might like it (I won’t tell).

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October 27, 2006

not here
Alright, I’m going out of town this weekend so I’ll be phoning in these next few. Chances are I won’t actually be around these parts until sometime next Tuesday, but if you have the authorization to get a hold of me you already know how. So since these next couple of updates on my part are going to be admittedly half-assed, I thought I’d do a little expose’ here and send you over to some other places you guys should be checking out.

If for some reason you were unawares know, I am far from the first person to come up with the idea or concept of a music blog. There’s a whole community of bloggers out there with music to share and turn you on to. Go to The Hype Machine and see who’s talking about the stuff you’re into and from there you’ll find links to others and so on and so on. It’s a beautiful thing. Eventually I want to start having a weekly guest post from other music bloggers here on the Alternakids so that you can get a taste of what other people are offering and add them to your list of sites to check out on a regular basis. If any other bloggers reading this are interested in doing a guest post, or if you know of someone who you’d like to see do a featured post over here then just drop a line to and I’ll add you to the list. They don’t even need to necessarily be an audioblogger as long as they have something to say or share that’s music related. It does help if you have some type of on-line presence somewhere though so that we can send people your way to hear more of what you have to say… about whatever.

But anyway, without further adieu here are some people you guys need to be checking out.

Get Downnn

First up is my personal favorite blog to read. Bruce Banner, Mista Hippo, Muttpop Bob and a few others are the main contributors here. Mostly hip-hop oriented they also cover a nice range of R&B, Soul and indie rock as well.

I like these guys because they’re taste are somewhat similar to mine and they’re pretty knowledgeable about the music they cover. Their the type of people I’d just chill out with and talk shit to all day. Rumor is they’re from LA (even though Hippo just skated to Hawaii), ao maybe I will someday. You’ll catch quite a bit of advance release material over there “for the exclusive heads” in addition to a lot of old school favorites. Be sure to check for their Emcee101 series as well. Here’s some recently featured tracks:

MF Doom – Doomsday

Raekwon feat. Supernatural – I Got Bars




Soul Sides

You all better recognize. One of the pioneers of this whole audioblog movement O-Dub (Oliver Wang) is widely known and respected as both a blogger and a traditional music journalist for such established institutions as, Vibe magazine and a list of others way to long to get into here. Covering mostly older and rare soul and funk cuts my man even wrote the liner notes for Rhino’s recently released ‘What it Is!” boxed set. You’ll also find a decent smattering of new and old school hip-hop and R&B tracks.

Ike Turner – Funky Mule

10cc – The Worst Band in the World (the source for Dilla’s “Workinonit”)




Feed Me Good Tunes

Speaking of J-Dilla, I actually just stumbled on this gem of a blog like two days ago. I caught wind of Damon Albarns new project with Dangermouse featuring members of The Clash, Fela Kuti, and Verve. After searching for any sneak previews of their first single I stumbled across this blog and I’m really happy I did. I’m just now getting to really check them out, but they look to be all over the place as far as what they cover. I personally intend to be spending a lot of time over at their site.

The Good, The Bad, and The Queen – Herculean

J-Dilla – Circus

In the effort of saving time (because I have to bang out like four more of these as well as pack before my flight), I’ll just suffice it for these last couple to say that they’re written by friends of mine who I’ve known well before this blog or the ones they write were probably even thought of. I’m sure they’ll be some of the first to do guest posts so I’ll talk more about that when I formally introduce them. For now just head over and check them out.

Dichotomy of Epiphany


Not by any means a complete list of the blogs I dig on a regular basis, these are just a few of my favorites. I’ll return with more at a later time and like I said hopefully some of these guys will do featured posts for us. Go check in on them and let ’em know we sent ya’.

Giveaway contests are still going on. The secret song should be easy to find now since all the other links in the post where it appears have now expired. Also the post titled after a Murs track has now found it’s way into the archive, so start your search there. For more details on the specifics of what and how to win see here and here.