Who are the Alternakids?


The record industry discovered some time ago that there aren’t that many people who actually like music. For a lot of people, music’s annoying, or at the very least they don’t need it. They discovered if they could sell music to a lot of those people, they could sell a lot more records.”

—T-Bone Burnett



I was going to try and write this epic introduction about the purpose of this blog and use it as an opportunity to assert my dissertation about the state music industry in the face of emerging technologies and all that other crap, but you know what… let’s skip all of that noise and get down to what it’s really about here.


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It’s really quite as simple as that. Music is in my blood and has been coursing through the veins of my family for generations now. It always has been and always will be a part of me and my life. So when I stumbled upon the world of mp3 blogging I thought I’d found nirvana.

In lieu of the quote above, and as any true music lover, crate digger, audiophile, or other aural enthusiast will tell you, the traditional outlets for finding new musical addictions are not aimed at us. So we are left to our own devices when it comes to feeding our hunger and supporting our habits.

Amongst my friends I’ve always been the one that people come to when they want a new music recommendation. My taste run the gamut of genres and I usually try to cater to each individuals preferences when making recommendations. I’m also the one that gets weird looks for listening to certain “crazy ass music” only to see the same people who were casting the stares proclaim those very same albums to be the best thing ever… six months after the fact.

With that in mind (plus the fact that I’ve actually worked for the machine in various capacities over the years), I figure I’m as qualified as anyone to create and run a decent blog to share with other music lovers out there. I tend to get caught up in other things from time to time though, so I wanted to make sure that the blog I set up would be quality and not get neglected.

So I called some friends who are as enthusiastic about their sonic addictions as I am. I pitched my idea, dubbed us “alternakids” and launched this site. It all happened kinda fast, so bare with us as we get things rolling, but we’re here and your ears will thank us later.

To get started here are a couple tracks I thought were somewhat fitting for the occasion.


Quasimoto – Bullyshit

Who are they?… who are they?.. who are they? I thought this would be cool as an introduction theme. I mean it’s a kick-ass song and it sorta fits… sorta.

Weird Al Yankovic – Don’t Download This Song

Commentary in parody form. Can’t beat that.

Metallica – Master of Puppets

Because I’m a tongue in cheek asshole.

The Further Adventures of Lord QuasStraight Outta LynwoodMaster of Puppets

I’d like to thank Melany ‘Lany’ Forno for designing the graphics for our introduction. Thanks to her we have a unique signature as opposed to generic stock graphics or the “mediocre at best” designs I could have come up with.


7 Responses to “Who are the Alternakids?”

  1. doctashock Says:

    I had a technical issue last night, so the tracks are currently posted as .wma files. I will eventually be replacing the links with .mp3’s once I get a minute to sort that out.

    Update: It’s been sorted out

  2. Dee Says:

    I love music too. it’s tasty.

  3. Viviane Says:

    Lany is AWESOME!

  4. Lany Says:

    YES SHE IS ;] — Not better than her milard & her dad!

  5. Ricks-"The Sheesh Dude Says:

    I don’t know “Lany” and I’m sure she’s a cool chick, But Phuck her! Nobody has given you (Doctashock) P’s (thats Props for those not slang inclined) for creating this site, daring to be different, opening the world up to your (and their) unique tastes, and being my nigg@!!! So let me be the first to tell you that what you and the rest of the alternakids have done here is the start to something beautiful. Though, I’m not a webhead and am too slow (and high) to navigate your site as it was meant. I’m diggin this . . .matter of fact- THIS SHIT IS BANANAS!!!! (inside joke). I’m definitely going to stroke something to that Timberlake song and I’m definitely going to punk someone to that Quasi joint. And the world is definitely going to luv me after the Alternakids introduce them to me. Well Done. Well Done.

    P.S. No offense to Lany or Milard or her dad-these are just jokes.

  6. doctashock Says:

    Thanks for the overexuberant props comrade. If you want to help be a part of something beautiful then help spread the word. Tell people to check us out or whore us on the MySpace (or the cesspool as I like to call it). Get creative with it and send some people our way.
    Quite honestly though I can’t take credit for starting anything. The .mp3 blog revolution was started way before I even knew what was going on. I have to give mad props to the people in our blogroll for turning me on to all kinds of shit I might not have otherwise gotten my hands on. Knowing you and your tastes I suggest you specifically check out “get down” as well as Soul Sides (O-Dub is one of the forefathers of the music blog movement). The links are up towards the top on the right hand side. Tell ’em we sent ya’ :-).

  7. bruce banner Says:

    hey docta, this is a great start to your site, looks like you have hella content already, which is pretty amazing, it still takes us a while just to put out a single post, so i’m glad yours is going so well so quickly…i especially like the dntel song, niiice. we added you to our links so i hope that’ll help get you a little more traffic, although our site doesn’t get that many hits…i can tell this site will do well, best of luck~

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