Punk Rock – Ya Don’t Stop


Editors note: I’d like to introduce our readers to our first contributor, Mr. David Schatanoff Jr. I know David through my day job and after a few conversations with him it became apparent he was indeed a true Alternakid. David studied Orchestral Percussion at Rutgers and spent 2 years performing with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Schatanoff has also hosted clinics with greats such as Louie Bellson and several others. He’s also the only person I’ve met to have actually seen Marilyn Manson without makeup.

After searching through piles of old CDs and dusting off old 80 gig external hard drives of .mp3 files (all legally downloaded), I came across some music that I found worthy of my first post. It is not just my first post, but also the first offerings for The Alternakids Music Blog. So a heartfelt welcome and I hope that my contributions will turn some of you on to some new music and remind some of you of the stuff that you love.

With the reemergence of that edgy 80’s rock band sound, I wanted to kick things off with music that has a timeless quality to it, but clearly had an influence on the new music we are hearing today. fIREHOSE is a hard-hitting trio that has a full sound that larger ensembles only try to achieve. The death of Minutemen Singer/Guitarist Dennes Boon gave birth to the band with bassist Mike Watt and drummer George Hurley teaming up with Minutemen fanatic and new guitarist Ed Crawford (Allmusic.com, 2006).


The music is undeniably innovative and punk rock at its core. fIREHOSE mixes a combination of mellow vocals with rhythmic guitar riffs and thunderous bass; filling the space with busy drum fills and melodic bass lines. Three songs stand out that lay it out there for fIREHOSE: “Brave Captain”, “It Matters” and “Chemical Wire”, all off the band’s 1986 release Ragin’, Full-On. These songs sum up the band’s sound and their love of the music. I hope you enjoy the tunes and check out the rest of their debut album.

Brave Captain – fIREHOSE

It Matters – fIREHOSE

Chemical Wire – fIREHOSE

Purchase “Brave Captain”
Purchase “It Matters”
Purchase “Chemical Wire”

More information on Mike Watt:
Mike Watt Hoot Page
The Watt from Pedro Show

Biographical information downloaded from http://www.allmusic.com, 2006.
All Music fIREHOSE Biography

-by David Schatanoff, Jr.


2 Responses to “Punk Rock – Ya Don’t Stop”

  1. Vivi Says:

    Fabulous first post!

  2. Lany Says:

    I love milard :]

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