AH-OOOOH-GAH! It’s time to dust off those glow sticks…


Editors note: So did anybody catch last night’s late edition update? If I we’re you I’d check back often because you never know what you might find or when. We’re just getting started folks.
Anyway, this next character comes to us all the way from across the drink. Our mainstay in the UK, I know this guy from his frequent post in another forum I check in on often. Way back before this blog was ever even thought of he was skoolin’ ya’ll in hip-hop 101. When he got a hold of “Rather Ripped” a full 2 months before it was even streamed on the youth’s site, I knew he was connected, so I had to get him on the team. Check my man out over at last.fm and get in good with him now if you want to be whored because he’s gonna be our official MySpace liaison. Now without further adieu I present to you “sondh”.

Well being the UK connection in this team I thought it only be right that I tell you about what’s blowing up over here. Currently there is this new genre of music taking the underground (read: scenesters) by storm. ‘New rave’ (a term no doubt coined by the NME) has “descended from Rave and Electronica and usually consists of punchy basslines, along with klaxons, whistles, bells, keyboards, synths and other electronic instruments”. (Wikipedia, 2006)

Now to be completely honest, I don’t know all the in’s and out’s of New Rave, but I can tell you it’s highly danceable music and it’s a band at the forefront of this movement that I want to share with you today. Of all the bands associated with this genre they stand out the most to me, the rest just sound either like The Rapture or some other Electronica track you’ve heard before.


They describe themselves as “like Buzz Aldrin returning from the moon and turning Muslim”. Whatever that means!

I haven’t been so excited by an act since… well Lily Allen I suppose! Ha! Their heavy bass riffs and catchy choruses mixed with sounds of alarms and other random electronics give them their unique ‘noise’. Together for only a year (they formed in October 2005), their speedy success rides off the back of two of their main singles: ‘Atlantis to Interzone’ and ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ – however, expect these to be commercial hits fairly soon as their major label E.P is being released in a few weeks. Obviously I strongly suggest you pick it up.

If you’re interested, their website can be found at Klaxons.net.

Klaxons – Atlantis To Interzone

Klaxons – The Bouncer

This is the video for Atlantis to Interzone – I threw this in because it’s simply mental.

Just for fun, I’ll let you compare Shit Disco (another ‘New Rave’ band) to The Rapture.

Shit Disco – Disco Blood


The Rapture – Out Of The Races And On To The Track


2 Responses to “AH-OOOOH-GAH! It’s time to dust off those glow sticks…”

  1. doctashock Says:

    Thanks for bringing us what’s hot from overseas. I personally know I always looked forward to your music posts so I’m really glad to have you down with us. Have fun with the cesspool and make us all superstars.

  2. hammer Says:

    Temporary Residence signed a girl off her myspace page

    and shes actually good

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