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Update, Update, Update… If you’re in the Los Angeles area and would like two free tickets to tomorrow’s “LA Weekly Detour Festival” featuring Beck, Queens of the Stone Age, Basement Jaxx, Blonde Redhead, Blackalicious, Redd Kross, Nortec Collective… and more, be the first to send an email to I’ll email you back with instructions on how to pick them up tommorow at the gate.

Update, Update, Update… We have a winner. Check back tomorrow for video.
Editor’s Note: Our next Alternakid is easily the coolest girl I’ve met in the past 6 months hands down. I met her at a Roots in-store performance not too long ago where we got to shooting the shit about all things musical down in the front row while waiting for the band to go on. Turns out she was already planning on being at several of the shows I was planning to go to over the following couple weeks (including the Massive Attack show below), so numbers were exchanged and a common bond was shared. I introduce to you all “raerae” an old school scene chick who can throw one hell of an afterparty.

Check…Check 1 2…This is not exactly a commentary on a particular track or tracks. I’ve been fortunate lately to catch some pretty amazing live shows and wanted to expound on just what made them “All the Way LIVE”


Massive Attack and T.V. on the Radio (Hollywood Bowl 9/24/06)

T.V. on the Radio are fast becoming the darlings of the music loving set. I think I know why: Their experimentation with sound and vocal layering isn’t like anything I personally have heard before. Their live show did not disappoint. They were able to recreate their intricate sound and vocals so well that I can honestly say I like them even more now. Return to Cookie Mountain is in heavy rotation, if only I could play back their Bowl highlights…

TV On the Radio – Dirtywhirl

Massive Attack has been a constant joy in the dozen or so years that I’ve known about them. I must say I was a bit sceptical after their Coachella performance. Perhaps a polo field is just too big a venue for the Massive Attack experience to resonate. The lights, the fog, the purity of sound were all I needed to reinstill my faith in this dynamic electronic trio.

Massive Attack – Protection


Common (CSUN 9/30/06)

Putting aside that I have had an appreciation for this man, his message and his music since Like Water For Chocolate, I opted out of his Coachella performance to catch Clap Your Hands Say Yeah who were playing at the same damn time on another stage. Although all my friends had stayed and raved about his performance, I’m actually glad to have missed out. Because watching him on his own stage in a much more intimate setting I got to fully appreciate what he does and who he is. This man is full of love and light but not of himself, having God to thank for his success amongst other blessings. He found a lovely lady to call up on stage and serenade. As they were doing a little two step slow dance, I doubt there was a woman there who didn’t want to be her at that moment. 90 minutes later, he and his crew were still bringing it. They closed the show with “The Light” which literally brought tears to my eyes. That’s the sheer beauty of music and the power of love. Common Sense knows it and now so do I.

Common – The Light


Visionaries (Amoeba instore 10/3/06)

This Los Angeles crew brought flava, down beats and true blue hip hop dopeness to Hollywood. In the form of LMNO, D.J. Rhettmatic, 2Mex, etc.etc. These guys love what they do and really appreciate the fans that make it possible for them to do it. Their new album “We’re the Ones (We’ve Been Waiting For)” is highly anticipated from the energy and appreciation from the crowd. The fact that they make up such a wide range of racial representation is definitely one reason L.A. can relate. They are of the people, by the people and for the people. Nothing a hip hop fan can’t love about that. For real.

From this year’s “Rock the Bells Festival






Return to Cookie MountainCollectedLike Water For ChocolatePangea


2 Responses to “All The Way Live”

  1. Dayv Says:

    I just caught TV on the Radio last weekend at the Download fest in SF. Being up in the lawn area doesn’t make for the best sound, but their musical definitely had an element of grooveability.

  2. rilla Says:

    Check out the 28 Hours remix by El-P, it’s like, TV on the Radio on Acid in a Haunted House with no clothes on covered in goat’s blood. I know, scary!

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