Detour Festival Winners


Great show, tired people… proper update tomorrow. Show details to come in the near future.

Ended up giving 1 ticket to two different people instead of 2 tickets to one person. Here’s who won.


3 Responses to “Detour Festival Winners”

  1. nueve Says:

    hey man! Thanks for the tickets. The show was mindblowing.

    P.S. Doesn’t look like the YouTube movies are working.

  2. doctashock Says:

    YouTube videos should be playable now.

  3. Rokout Festival Recap « The Alternakids Says:

    […] Now all the media for this event said that the doors were supposed to open at 2 and the show would start around 3. That ended up being a lie because at 2:30 the guys at the gate were telling us the will call line for tickets wasn’t even gonna be open until 4:30. So me and Nueve (one of the guys who won tickets to Detour) went to hang out and then come back. That was just the first sign of poor organization on the part of the promoters, but we got over it. […]

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