The Long Winters Will Leave You Feeling Warm


Editors note: This next Alternakid and I go back to my days in college at Florida State where she shared an apartment next door to mine along with a couple girls who I took my film classes with. Quite a few late nights were spent hanging out talking shit about music and relationships, and over the years I’ve actually kept better contact with this spunky lady than I have with most of the other peope who were actually in my classes. Originally from Miami and now residing in Boston she’s sure to help bring a healthy dose of estrogen to our rantings. I’d like to introduce you all to “starwitness714.”

As a converted Bostonite, I can say that I’ve come to hate the long winters here in New England, but unlike the blustery blizzards, the band that goes by the same name has a fresh vibe I can only feel blissful love for. I first encountered this Seattle based group’s sound, best described by lead singer John Roderick as “limp-wristed Indie rock,” (though he may have been joking, I happen to think it’s accurate) about two and half years ago. I was volunteering at the Independent Film Festival here in Boston where as a “thank you” I received several CD compilations, the best one being from Barsuk Records. It was here where I first heard “Stupid” and “Blue Diamonds,” from the record “When I Pretend to Fall.” Thank god my mother purchased this album for me the following Christmas, as my broke ass could not afford it. If you’re into keyboard and synth infused rock, you’ll dig these fellas. This album in particular ages well, as the years pass you’ll become painfully aware of the lyrics. I promise.

The Long Winters – Blue Diamonds

The band was initially founded by Sean Nelson of Harvey Danger fame, but these days Nelson is a bit of a Barsuk whore, offering up vocal styling for DCFC and The Minus Five. It seems this group has a little bit of a high turnover rate, but the backbone of the band in my opinion is Roderick, who’s irreverent humor and romantic whimsy permeate every record and show. Despite the retail store-like turnover rate, they remain talented and offer up amazing shows. Their sets often progress into the two-hour mark and the banter between Roderick and show attendees is at times side splitting. They’re also good at accommodating requests, which is always a plus.

Here’s a picture from their recent show at Harper’s Ferry here in Boston:

Long Winters

Thanks to “Sooz” for this picture!

They’re pushing their latest album pretty hard and I have to say it’s quite amazing. I especially relate to “Pushover;” however, I should probably mull that over with my therapist. There’s some great harmonizing going on here between Roderick and the bassist, Eric Corson. Take a listen:

The Long Winters – Pushover

If you’re in the UK, they’ll be heading over there next week to open for Keane, that is, if Keane can actually refrain from cancelling their homeland tour. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, check them out tonight at Spaceland. The doors open at 8 p.m. and you won’t regret it.

The Long Winters – Carparts


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  1. doctashock Says:

    Apparently Harvey Danger just released a new single on Tuesday which Jewlie over at Fabulist highly recommends.

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