B-sides, get your b-sides here….


Yeah, as I mentioned yesterday I had to throw this one together real quick, and really it’s just me showing off. Ya’ll better recognize the depth of my music collection. I’ll play big bank take little bank with any of you anytime. Keep in mind I only have a third of my music in Cali with me. I’ve opened up branches and franchises on that ass.

Right up there with Sonic Youth among my favorite bands is Radiohead. In fact my Radiohead section blows most people’s whole record collection out of the water in terms of size… and I’m still working on it. Here’s a few bootlegs and B-sides. For sure I’ll end up doing this more than once, and again this isn’t a “best of” as much as the first shit I grabbed when throwing this update together. Bring it!!!!!!

OK Yorke





Radiohead – Reckoner (Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses) [live 6/23/01]

Radiohead – How Can You Be Sure?

Radiohead – Maquiladora

Radiohead – Cuttooth

and in case you notice a lyrical theme here


Radiohead -Myxamatosis (live in San Diego 6/27/06)


One Response to “B-sides, get your b-sides here….”

  1. fearless23 Says:

    That reminds me… I should pull out my extensive SOUNDGARDEN collection of unheard sh*t. I have a feeling I’ll be speaking about AUDIOSLAVE soon… so I’ll start the trend at that point.

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