You Remind Me…


OK, so I made a very lofty and ambitious commitment to do a new update everyday for this blog and I intend to stick to it. We have enough writers with large enough collections and deep enough passions to make it happen, but coming up with fresh ideas that often is the difficult part. That being said, any of you readers feel free to make suggestions, requests or ask questions whenever you have them. Today is a new record for length of procratination time before actualy writing a post.

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. These are songs that remind me of a specific certain someone who won’t be reading this. There’s quite a bit of distance between us right now and we haven’t made any commitments per se, but in spite of my daily goings on and any challengers who may step up to the plate she’s still remained at the top of my list. The urge to leave commentary for each track is strong, but I think I’ll just let the songs speak for themselves in this case. If you really want to know what it’s about ask nicely and I might spill the beans. Anybody got a copy of Tony Sheridan’s “My Bonnie Lies O’er the Ocean,” or another good version? Most of these coincidentally happen to be hip-hop tracks as well which is ironically fitting in this case, but not deliberate. So is the fact that I’ve been on a Nina Simone kick as of late.


Lady Spins the Blues


Immortal Technique – Truth’s Razors (interlude)

Zero 7 – Somersault (Dangerdoom Remix)

Gift of Gab -To Know You

The Roots – You Got Me

Nina Simone – Love Me or Leave Me

Mary J. Blige – You Remind Me (Remix)


Giveaway Contest – Even though they’re really owned by Clear Channel and tried to cover up the fact that they fired Dicky Barrett, Indie 103 is still one of the better choices as far as decent radio goes in LA. While I was at Detour some promo girls handed me a couple copies of a compilation they put together featuring LA bands like Agent Sparks, The Little Ones, Bangkok Five, Hellogoodbye, Los Abandoned and others. I listened to a copy and it’s actually not horrible.

If you’d like a copy find the secret bonus track I’ve added to one of our archive posts, and email the track title and artist to Make sure to provide your mailing address and I’ll get it out to you ASAP.

Also note that this this contest serves as a warning that older links will begin to expire soon. Make sure to get those downloads while you can.


Revolutionary Vol. 2When It Falls4th Dimensional Rocketships Going UpThings Fall ApartNina Simone - The Definitive CollectionWhat’s the 411? Remix


10 Responses to “You Remind Me…”

  1. Gary Trueman Says:

    Dicky Barret got f’d… so F Indie 103 sellout assholes

  2. doctashock Says:

    I totally agree with you on that point there. I never listen to commercial radio anyway unless I’m driving a vehicle for work without a CD player or tape deck. Free music is free music though.

    I wouldn’t necessarily call Indie sellouts though. They were always corporate and owned by Clear Channel from the begininng. They just did it through a smaller subsidiary in order to fake some independent credo. Don’t worry they fooled me too. I’m gonna send a message do Dicky’s manager and hopefully I can convince them to let him come write a feature post for us and talk about the situation.

  3. Nothing’s Sacred « The Alternakids Says:

    […] The Giveaway Contest is still going on. I have another, even better one lined up and ready to go as soon as someone wins this one so get to checkin’ for that hidden track in our archive posts. If you missed the contest details you can find details here. […]

  4. nueve Says:

    ok, I’m so confused. Indie rules my ass. Somebody mentioned off-hand that they were owned by ClearChannel and I couldn’t believe it. Now I read it here.

    So I did some research. Now, I’m new to the area, so maybe everyone knows something I don’t, but according to the Wikipedia article, the partnership between ClearChannel and Entravision has ended. Everything that I can find on the Indie 103.1 website says Entravision all over it, with no sight of ClearChannel anywhere.

    There’s a few things I know about ClearChannel. 1) My dad works for them. 2) They suck 3) They take every chance they get to plug the fact that you’re listening to a ClearChannel owned station, (but you should be able to tell because of how horrible the programming is).

    There’s a few things I know about Indie. 1) They don’t suck 2) Henry Rollins works for them. 3) They broadcast Suicide Girls Radio.

    Come on, there’s just no fucking way that ClearChannel could a) not suck, b) get Henry fucking Rollins to work for them and c) give naked girls their own radio station without the whole fucking universe imploding.

    I need some proof 🙂

  5. doctashock Says:

    Upon additional reading I realize that I misinterpreted my source article a little bit. It is true that Indie was started out by Clear Channel operatives, as a way to try and draw away listeners from KROCK. Apparently the FCC came in and did a little trust busting because they already owned the maximum number of allowed frequencies in LA. On paper Clear Chanel has no control, but a lot of the head honchos at Indie are former Clear Channel employees, who come from the same school of thought.

    I read the whole story behind why Dicky got the boot and while I don’t agree with it and think it’s bullshit, having worked in radio before I know this is par for the course when dealing with corporate stations who not only regulate playlist, but sometimes script the breaks for certain disc jockeys verbatim.

    What upsets me more is the fact that they try to come off as so independent and alternative when this has made it apparent to me that they’re playing by the same rules as everybody else. I’m sure Matty B (one of our regular writers) will have some insightful input on this situation.

  6. mattyb Says:

    Thank you docta, here is my take on why it is popular to say clear channel sucks, not to say i dont agree with this notion. Radio as a business is fiananced through the sponsopships it sells. With that said, the reason a clear channel owned station has horrible programming is because they pick a target demographic and then program for them and only them, very small fringe which they will obviously accept. They find a system that works and gains the highest ratings and they use that to sell, sell, sell. The higher your ratings; the more you can charge for a commercial spot. when the ratings stink…clean house, flip formats, sign a syndicated show, etc. They dont care what you want to hear, they care about what is going to make them the most money. Thats business for ya.

    As far as indie 101 playing by the same rules… Those are just the rules you have to play by. But what they have done is succeed in a format which, until recently, not many companies had succeeded in pulling off…a music format based mainly on spinning bands which arent signed to major labels, aren’t exactly what is topping the billboard 200, etc. Stations like WFNX in Boston and Indie 103 we’re glorified college stations in the mid to late 90s. But if you look at things today, a decade later, those very bands they are spinning, are the bands getting signed.

    So i guess in a backwards way of putting it…indie 103 plays by the same rules, paritally because those are just the rules, but also because the industry changed to include them whether they liked it or not. Look at rock radio in the 60s and 70s, they were doing their own thing, spinning the deepest of the deep cuts, and by the 1980s rock radio was KING of the airwaves. Sometimes you sellout whether you know it or not.

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    […] The local band compilation is still up for grabs as well. For more info on that giveaway see here. […]

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    […] Giveaway contests are still going on. The secret song should be easy to find now since all the other links in the post where it appears have now expired. Also the post titled after a Murs track has now found it’s way into the archive, so start your search there. For more details on the specifics of what and how to win see here and here. […]

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    […] Giveaway Update: I’m not sure ifyou guys still aren’t aware or ifjust nobody want’s to win, but giveaways are still going strong. Check here and here for details on what and how you can win. […]

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    […] Giveaway Update: Giveaway #1 is still going strong, but Giveaway #2 is now done. It seems as though they will be rescheduling the remaining dates for the SG Burlesque Tour so that the girls can hit the road with Guns N’ Roses (or Axl and whoever it is he pulled together for this tour). Since the tickets I had were comps anyway I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get more for the rescheduled date. For those of you who may have been wondering what the answer was to win, the name of the Murs track is And This is For… […]

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