My guilty-pleasure wasn’t seeing Def Leppard/Journey, it was having better seats than Danny Bonaduce.


Editor’s note: Getting ahead in the entertainment industry is largely about who you know. Somebody has to pass your name on to the guy in charge to get you those golden opportunities. That however is only one reason I make sure to stick with this next Alternakid. I don’t hesitate to say he’s one of the coolest people I’ve met since I came to lala land, and he keeps looking out for me. It’s through him that I’ve met most of the other coolest people I know in this city. Only a true Alternakid would produce a short film such as The Vinyl Battle. Keep an eye out for the feature Jake’s Closet which he produced coming soon. You can also find his other numerous credits on IMDB. Everyone meet fearless23.

Friday the 13th… and it was stormy and raining in Southern California. But that wouldn’t stop eight crazy “adults” of ’80’s Rock’ from seeing Def Leppard and Journey at the Hollywood Bowl. Now, if you were expecting a “review” of this concert… you are sadly mistaken. Most people should know what to expect from a concert of this nature. Afterall, you go to a concert like this to remember a time when things were much different. It’s a throw-back to a time when the worst worry you had was finding someone old enough to get you some alcohol. A concert like this is a mental recall to when Rachel Sorenson danced with you to “Love Bites” at the Junior-High dance, but wouldn’t go ‘steady’ with you more than three hours because Ann Daly and those other girls convinced her otherwise. Arrgghhhh. But that’s all right… that was one of my flashbacks… what’s yours?

Now our seats were dead center, but not that close. We were the the second section from the last — and the second to last row in our section (aka… just below the nosebleed seats). Yes, Danny Bonaduce was in the last row behind us (complete with loud voice and black sleeveless t-shirt — rumors overheard… he’s back on the sauce and throwing up a lot… again, only rumors). Now I’ve seen Journey a few times (my sister is a huge fan), so I was looking forward to some first time Def Leppard action. But Journey opened first.

The Curse of the Black Pearl,  Danny Bonaduce

I’ve heard the argument time and time again from those that still wear ripped jeans, “I love Journey, but not without Steve Perry.” Yes, I wish that every band can stay together forever and always sound like they did in their prime… but it ain’t going to happen people. You are holding on too tight. Just because the splash of coke in my Jack Daniels is a little flat, I’m not going to stop drinking. Relax, and enjoy. But I understand your anxiety — I feel ashamed as well as excited everytime I find myself on my way to a Classic concert (REO, Styx, etc) — but I also find myself having the best time once I’m there!! But if it makes you ‘wannabe diehard Steve Perry fans’ feel any better… the newest lead singer (Jeff Scott Soto, slipped and fell on the rain-soaked stage shortly into his second song. After that, nothing but rockin Journey I’m afraid.

Def Leppard opened with “Let’s Get Rocked” and kept the energy up all night. Joe Elliott, at nearly 48 years old showed he still likes to give the crowd a good show… but that the voice is having a hard time keeping up (although “Rocket” was delivered well). But it didn’t really matter except when it came to the encore, which SHOULD have been “Love Bites” and a finale of “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” But all we got was some Sugar, with No Love. How can Def Leppard not play their hit “Love Bites”? I assume Joe’s voice couldn’t carry it that night (or the Hollywood Bowl wanted to pull the plug before 11pm). Even has it shown on their Set List for all other nights. Nonetheless, it was a fairly large disappointment (esp. to the females) to an otherwise fun show. But Joe did promise to return to Los Angeles one more time. So until that time, I’m stuck with just a junior-high memory… and that bites.

I’ll leave you all now with a few classic memories of your own:








Journey - Greatest HitsFrontiersDef Leppard - Greatest Hits


3 Responses to “My guilty-pleasure wasn’t seeing Def Leppard/Journey, it was having better seats than Danny Bonaduce.”

  1. doctashock Says:

    My friend Eric had an extra VIP pass to this show. Had I been given more than one hour’s notice I might have had better seats than both you and Mr. Bonaduce.

  2. Amanda Says:

    My understanding was that they could only do one encore because of having to be off the stage by a certain time. Something to do with union rules, I think…

  3. fearless23 Says:

    Yes. I think they are required to be off-stage by 11pm… which may not be so much a union thing, as a city and neighborhood clause put in years ago. My only argument is — They knew that going into it (everyone does). They should have re-arranged the set-list. Or better yet… don’t take a standard encore (even tell the fans why) and play on thru so you can play both Hits. They also walked off stage at 10:54 by my Cingular time. They had other options… esp when your crowd is in the rain.

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