Stay In School… unless, your name is Ben Kweller.


Ben Kweller came back into LA a month ago to showcase his new recently released latest solo album (note: displayed above is his first, Sha Sha). I was forced to let my brother-in-law take my ticket and enjoy the show… sometimes you have to work.

But I was happy to hear that not only was Matt turned into a fan by his attendance, but a few others I recommended to the show are on the BK team now. Lucky for me, I’ve seen Ben perform a few times in the past… so I’ll live with missing the concert this time around. But he’s well worth a listen if he’s in your touring area ( — for tourdates, bio, and few downloads).

Ben Kweller – I Gotta Move

Ben Kweller – Penny on the Train Track

When people ask to describe Ben Kweller’s music and sound, I usually fall into an easy answer that helps sum it up for most, “He’s like a young Beck.” He does it all… writes his own music, plays a wide range of instruments, and performs. His audience is (although still young and growing rapidly) scattered wide and full of every race and religion. He’s the high-school dropout that’s easy to like, and tough to hate.

I leave you now with his latest video “Sundress” and a rare treat of BK’s version of “Ice, Ice, Baby”. Enjoy!

Ben Kweller – Ice, Ice, Baby


Ben Kweller


2 Responses to “Stay In School… unless, your name is Ben Kweller.”

  1. doctashock Says:

    This is pretty cool stuff. I hadn’t heard of BK up until just now. That’s what this site is all about, finding new music.  Thanks.

  2. fearless23 Says:

    Dave (Tractor) is big fan of BK too. I was busy again the last time he came into town during ’07. So Tractor and I made a promise to NOT miss him the next time. We’ll let you know so you can join us, Doctashock.

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