Murs is My Best Friend


Those who are familiar already recognize, so I’m not gonna waste time preaching to the choir. Rather this post is intended to introduce my favorite MC to those still treading around in the dark thinking Most-Underground-Rap-Sucks.

me and murs

murs and me

A West Coast veteran whose been putting it down for a while now Murs is a member of both The Living Legends crew and the dynamic duo of Felt. Like I said those already in the know will agree, now that he’s affiliated with a major label, if this guy doesn’t go platinum within the next five years there’s got to be more wrong with the record industry than I already thought. I mean hell he should have already blown up by now. In the past year alone I can count at least four people who I’ve directly turned on to Murs’ music and are definitely hooked.

I’m tempted to get all academic and break down the mechanics of Murs flow, but I don’t think that’s necessary. Just know that he rhymes about everyday shit. Stuff you and I can relate to. While a lot of other rappers talk about how they’re so fly and you can’t be like them. Murs talks about how it’s just hard to be him… him meaning the regular guy like me and you who rode his skateboard to the El Rey in order to put on a free show for his hometown fans. I was at the show in question, and it felt more like a house party than anything else. The headlining act himself hung out in the crowd before and after the show and during his performance he talked from the stage as if he were entertaining a bunch of friends in his own living room. Here’s an example of his banter about something most of us ordinary people can relate to.

Murs – God’s Work

Now while trying to decide exactly what tracks I’d like to present for this post I came to the realization that a really good percentage of Murs tracks are directed towards the fairer sex. Both Biggie and Pac claimed this was the key to getting a grip of record sales. Aim it at the ladies while making sure to keep the fellas feeling you too. It’s a hard task to achieve, but Murs continuously pulls it off effortlessly. I mean seriously, you wouldn’t believe how many girls I’ve had tell me how awesome “their boyfriends” think I am.

Murs – I Hate Your Boyfriend

And fellas, how familiar does this tale sound to you?

Murs – Bad Man!

But sometimes we just have to sit back and listen to Murs talk about how he likes ’em once in a while.

Felt – Dirty Girl

Now don’t think that just because he’s not afraid to show some true emotion that Murs doesn’t keep Making-Underground-Raw-Shit. But even in his braggadocio he brings it letting you know he’s coming at cats from the audience’s level.

Felt – Hot Bars

Now there are two catagories of rhyme styles that seem to get measured on a different scale from the average bar spitting. I’m speaking of a) the storytelling and b) the battle raps. I’m here to tell you that Murs can definitely hold his own amongst the leaders of the pack in both catagories. I plan to eventually do seperate posts on both of these styles later, so I’ll save the heat for those, but here’s a sample of Murs flexing it in both.

Murs – Dreamchasers

and if you think the rest of the heavyweights on this track are bringing it, wait until the last verse

RJD2 feat. Soul Position, Vast Aire, Aesop Rock and Murs – Final Frontier (remix)

Those are just the teaser’s folks. Platinum in five years or less I tell you. Let’s start the countdown and if time runs out before it happens I already got my hoodie and baseball bat ready to go.


Giveaway Tie-in: Murs was also one of the first celebrity members of Suicide Girls. (He’s let his account expire now, but I need to tie this in somehow). The first person to email with the name of the Murs song whose title doubles as one of our previous post headers will recieve one free ticket to the SG Burlesque show on Saturday, November 18th at the Key Club in Morongo, California. Make sure to include a mailing address for me to mail it to or I can meet you at the door to hand it over.

The local band compilation is still up for grabs as well. For more info on that giveaway see here.


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3 Responses to “Murs is My Best Friend”

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  3. Joan Says:

    Great blog, I really like how you tied in songs you were referencing, yeah Murs is amazing, and i have no doubt he will just keep getting bigger, I noticed on his myspace –
    He has a channel on kyte tv, where he makes videos for fans, and then fans can write back to him, i thought that was a great thing to have.

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