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So we’re getting pretty decent traffic considering this site is only a month old and has spread solely through word of mouth.  Even though I’ve been prettygood about getting a new update everyday a lot of times it’s hard to squeeze in enough time and I end up whipping something together last minute (That’s how you get all those typo’s and thrown together write-ups on my part).

So here’s a question… Would it disappoint anyone or make much of a difference if I slowed down the pace to 1 post every other day?  At least until I get a nice stockpile of drafts as a buffer so that I don’t feel like the updates are half-assed and rushed.  I figure most of our regular readers probably only check in every couple of days anyway.  This would also give me time to do more research and stay on top of music news to report (which I’ve been missing out on since trying to make time to actually do write-ups).  Let me know what you guys think.


5 Responses to “Reader Poll”

  1. Christa Says:

    nope get some sleep and a life lol

  2. white silk Says:

    I say post when you can and don’t sweat the rest – so long as you keep posting the eclectic sounds and intro it with a nice, (somewhat) detailed prelude, I’m down with the program……

  3. fearless23 Says:

    I support it. But I’m not only a reader, I’m also a client. So not sure my vote counts…

  4. doctashock Says:

    Thanks for your input eveyone. Special thanks to white silk for continuing to come back and leaving comments. It’s readers like you that we do this for.

  5. DL Says:

    That’s a good idea, there will be less to catch up on if I don’t check it for a few days.

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