I totally beat “Donna F” at Guitar Hero


So yeah, a couple of hours ago I had no idea what the fuck I was gonna write about for today’s update, but I went out to a party anyway. Turns out my friends live across the hall from Donna F. Now even though I’ve known and listened to The Donnas for 7 or 8 years at this point and I’ve seen them live before, I didn’t realize who I’d been talking to for half the night until my friend Shal pointed it out. Turns out she a really cool chick.

So yeah we hung out for a bit and played some Guitar Hero. I asked her to say a couple words for our readers, and here’s what you get:

We drank, we played her custom bass, and she let me borrow a couple Wipers CD’s. Now Greg Sage is a very unappreciated man of genius and definitely deserves his own post, but today I’ll give you a couple tracks from the albums I borrowed. I’ll bust out my collection for the subsequent post.

The Wipers – When It’s Over

The Wipers – D-7

she also has a pretty apparent obsession with Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – Beat It

I also got a little bit of the back story behind this particular track from a while back. I always knew that Phil Burger was a liar.

The Donna’s – 40 Boys in 40 Nights

Youth of AmericaIs This Real?
ThrillerTurn 21


2 Responses to “I totally beat “Donna F” at Guitar Hero”

  1. starwitness714 Says:

    Phil “Burger”? Not “Berger”? He was a cute liar…

  2. bruce banner Says:

    hey docta
    thanks for the advice on fileden, looks like we’ll be shacking up with them for now…by the way, i wrote to ezarchive, and they said they’d refund the difference, so in case you wanted to do the same, you can if you just write to them…anyways, glad to see your blog is going so strong, i really liked the post you did a while back with mood and hi-tek…definitely the nicest hip hop i’ve heard in a minute…

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