It Don’t Feel Right…


So yeah, yesterday I forced myself not to skip a day and not write up something last minute. While I did get to bed before 4AM for the first time in weeks, for some reason it just felt all so strange and wrong. I guess I’ll get use to it eventually. Maybe I’ll come up with some middle ground or something.

Alright… today I bring you Dance Disaster Movement. Now if you like it loud, noisy and in your face these guys are definitely for you. If you’re a fan of Babyland and their live show you need to make sure and catch DDM next time they come close to your town.

Signed to kitschy indie label Dim Mak the group consists of Matt Howze on the drums, trashcan, maracas and any other object that might be lying near the stage and Kevin Disco on vocals, arp omni, twin reverb, and line 6… whatever those are. He picks up a guitar every now and then as well.

Dance Disaster Movement
I don’t quite know how to describe their show because it’s something you have to experience. I imagine it’s kind of like what a live set from Suicide would have been like back in the 70’s. Of course I can only speculate on that from what I’ve heard. I’ll just warn you that if you’re a big fan of personal space you might not want to stand near the front row. The time I saw them it was all about getting up in your face and involving the crowd. There was quit a bit of stumbling through the audience and a head butt or two if can remember. Apparently Kevin has a thing for weird dancing, singing along, and yelling into the microphone with his forehead against yours. I want to say there was some bloodshed involved but that might have just been this nightmare I had once.

Believe it or not though as wild as the stage show was, afterwards the guys were some of the most friendly, docile , and appreciative musicians I’d ever met. I wish I had the extra cash to buy more than just a CD. I stumbled across a copy of their second album last week at the record store so I had to snag it as soon as I saw it.

So what do they sound like? Hell if I know, but I like it. It hits hard and it’s got some grooveability for sure. Industrial, electronica, post-punk, whatever the hell you wanna call it, it’s great but I’m sure it’ll scare some people off. Just take a listen and give it a chance.

Dance Disaster Movement – C’est la Vie

as noisy as it starts there’s actually two if not three distinct movements to this song. By the time the last one comes around you’ll forget what you’re listening to and think there’s some 60’s pshychadelic spinning. The guitar solo is almost smooth enough to lull you to sleep amidst all the chaos.

Dance Disaster Movement – Got the Piece of Mind (Shoot Me in the Fucking Head)

Dance Disaster Movement – Turn On “On”

Be sure to catch these guys if you get the chance. For christ’s sake quit being so seriously pretentious and dance already.

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