F*ck a Record Deal!


So I’m kind of defeating the purpose of pulling back to posting every other day if I still wait until the last minute to write my posts, but I gotta do what I gotta do I guess so here it goes.

Fuck A Record Deal
Today I bring you an excellent album of classic boom-bap hip-hop from a local group I discovered while going to school in Tallahassee, Florida.

ThaStikUpKidz – untitled bonus track

Showcasing superb production, tight flows, and a business savvy outlook on the industry, I found this crew opening up a show for Blackalicious and Talib Kweli in 2002. I was blown away by their live show but unfortunately didn’t have enough extra cash on me at the time to pick up a CD. You better believe when I found a copy of Fuck A Record Deal at Vinyl Fever a couple weeks later I snagged it up with the quickness.

ThaStikUpKidz – Fuck A Record Deal

I don’t know much about these guys outside of what you’ll learn from their lyrics and unfortunately I don’t really know what’s become of them at this point. I stumbled on the MySpace page of Chan Epic while trying to do some research and apparently he’s helping run a small independent label/studio and producing tracks for some indie artists, but that’s about all I could gather. I guess I’ll just have to let the tracks speak for themselves.

ThaStikUpKidz – Right Here (remix)


and just in case you were wondering if they could do more than just battle rhymes

ThaStikUpKidz – Off The Boat (feat. Ish!)

ThaStikUpKidz – On Again/Off Again


Giveaway Update: Giveaway #1 is still going strong, but Giveaway #2 is now done. It seems as though they will be rescheduling the remaining dates for the SG Burlesque Tour so that the girls can hit the road with Guns N’ Roses (or Axl and whoever it is he pulled together for this tour). Since the tickets I had were comps anyway I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get more for the rescheduled date. For those of you who may have been wondering what the answer was to win, the name of the Murs track is And This is For…

Murs – And This is For…

I’ve got another giveaway all ready to go so have your eye out for that, plus a couple more that are in the works. Keep checking back for details.


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