Music Intoxication



First off I’ve got to apologize for not being up on mine, but I hope you can accept my apology in the form of music. I’m even going to post a clean version of one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time, so hopefully you understand the importance of why I’m back.


I’ve been drunk for months, drinking music for days at a time and in my travels I realized one thing. I love living in LA, I love the West Coast and I love me some muthaf$#kin Snoop Dogg. I don’t care if he’s flying a Soul Plane, getting high, filming pornos or getting busted by the cops. But truth be told, I love that West Coast flow from Calvin Broadus. The man knows how to make a song and what seems like a long time ago, he and Dr. Dre did something magical for our ears. We were drunk for a few years together back then. White, black, yellow, Puerto Rican, everybody saying it “Ain’t Nothin But a G Thang”, or “Let Me Ride”… just a good time, with a lot of friends and a lot of 40 oz. Snoops new album is coming next month and I’m gonna drop a dime on this one. It’s clean, but it’s definitely one of the best songs of the year.

Snoop Dogg ft. Dr. Dre & D’Angelo – Imagine (fixed, now explicit)

I don’t care who wrote his verse or who didn’t, it just makes me smile to hear Dre again again for some reason. Especially when the man is reminiscing about all the people he’s seen go along the way. D’Angelo joining in just tops it off really. But we’re not done with Snoop yet. He’s been showing a lot of love to his West Coast brethren, The Game, whose another wayward son of Dr. Dre, who also joins Snoop on his album. Listening to the new Game album and hearing the West Coast unity from XZ, Snoop and Game joining Red and Blue, calling for a West Coast federation instead of Bloods vs. Crips, Snoop calls them out by name to stand side by side..


I don’t want to get into a lengthy review about the album, but I will say this. He made some big comments before the album came out, he lived up to him and I’ll say this, while 50 has been acting, someone has been practicing on how to tear you apart lyrically. Support the man, buy the album. This is an album, I will definitely be picking up.

Game ft. Snoop Dogg & Xzibit – California Vacation

Snoop Dogg ft. Game – Gang Bangin 101

I’ll be back soon, I promise. Next time, I’ll have a healthy meal instead of these little bite size snacks. Until then, go get drunk on music and wait for the Detoxification.

Side Note: It’s scary that I heard another new Jay-Z song on the radio and I woke up this morning to Kingdom Come and The Blue Carpet Treatment. If I have the Hell Hath No Fury tomorrow, I’m calling in sick on Monday, I’m going to be drunk off that one too. It’s getting a lot harder to get excited about releases anymore when it’s leaked weeks in advance. I hear Pusha T is the only person who has a copy of the album and he won’t even let reviewers listen to it alone, that’s how bad it’s gotten. Check these out anyway.

Clipse ft. Pharrell – New World

Clipse – Momma I’m So Sorry (snippet)


Hell Hath No Fury


One Response to “Music Intoxication”

  1. doctashock Says:

    That Snoop shit is hot… so hot in fact that everytime I put it up on our host the bandwith goes haywire and it gets removed. I’ll see what I can do about hosting it from our back-up account when I get a chance.

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