The Sound of a Flight of Stairs, Falling Down a Flight of Stairs


Idlewild – You’ve Lost Your Way

Idlewild – Disconnected


Yep, believe it or not that’s the same band. After my comments on Rise Against, I realized that it may come off to those of you who aren’t as familiar with me already that I have something against bands evolving. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you couldn’t deduce from my eclectic tastes, I can definitely appreciate a band that has a broad range. In fact the two polar opposite selections you’ve just been exposed to are from my favorite band that you’ve never heard of, Scotland’s own Idlewild.



older lineup of the band


Still looking to match their UK success over here in the states, these lads have been refining and reinventing themselves over and over with every album, each one resulting in a piece that has a definitive mood all while keeping characteristics that remain distinctive to the band.

Idlewild – Modern Way of Letting Go

Even in their earlier thrash and scream days lead singer Roddy Wombles lyrics always stood out from that of other “hardcore” bands. If Jim Morrison was the rock star that wanted to be a poet, then Roddy is the poet who accidently wound up a rock star.

Roddy’s use of the English language and the way he pieces together words to create aural tapestry’s is amazing. Just abstract enough to remain oblique, the meanings of most of the songs is up to interpretation, but regardless of the semantics, the delivery keeps you aware that something meaningful is being said. There are writers who struggle to achieve this for years, yet from the age of 19 Roddy has made it seem effortless.

Idlewild – in remote part/scottish fiction

I could sit here and go on all day about the reasons I love this band, but I think it’s easier to let the music speak for itself. That and quite frankly I’m still procrastinating and I’m about to be late for work. In no particular order here are few selections from their four full length albums. Listen to them all as once again their sound differs quite a bit from piece to piece. Let me know what you guys think overall.

Idlewild – 4 People Do Good

Idlewild – Blame it on the Obvious Ways

Idlewild – Listen To What You’ve Got

Idlewild – The Space Between All Things

Idlewild – Live in A Hiding Place

Idlewild – These Wooden Ideas

Idlewild – Welcome Home

Idlewild – I’m Happy to be Here Tonight


HJope is Important100 Broken WindowsThe Remote PartWarnings/Promises


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  2. Ain’t That Average Groupie… « The Alternakids Says:

    […] have to say that right now Jessicka ranks right up there with Roddy Womble with the distinction of being one of my favorite lyricists. (Keep in mind that this is a personal […]

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