The Return


So yeah, the little break was nice for me. But I can’t keep you guys in suspense forever. I’ve got some ideas for a few different things to try here, so stick around to see what we come up with. Looks like pretty soon we might be bringing you all some exclusive stuff and more giveaways as well. You’d be surprised by some of the people who have taken notice of what we’ve been doing here.

Anyway down to business…

Glassjaw – Ape Dos Mil

Daryl Palumbo is an asshole, and the last few times I’ve seen him he’s been wasted out of his mind (yeah, apparently he dropped the whole straight edge thing). Regardless he’s a damn good singer, and I’ve known bigger assholes than him, so it’s really not that big of a deal.


What is a big deal though is that Glassjaw is touring again. That’s right, apparently Head Automatica is on hiatus and the hardcore crew is doing a few dates with the Deftones. I’m glad to hear it, but I’m pissed because LA is not on the list of tour dates as of yet. I’m hoping to catch Chino and the boys on this tour either way and getting to see Glassjaw for the first time would have been an added bonus. Oh well, here are the dates that are scheduled so far:

12/14 – Nashville, TN @ City Hall*

12/16 – Fort Worth, TX @ TBA


12/17 – Tulsa, OK @ Cains*


12/18 – Kansas City @ Uptown Theatre*


12/19 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue*


12/31 – New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place w/ Hatebreed


* w/Deftones


As of now there’s no word as to whether they’ll be working on a follow-up to Worship and Tribute but one can only hope. I mean Head Automatica is cool and all, but every time I listen to Beating Heart Baby, I keep waiting for Darryl to let out a scream during the chorus.


Head Automatica – Beating Heart Baby


As far as I’m concerned it didn’t require such a drastic offshoot for my man to prove how versatile he is. Must’ve Run All Day or Trailer Park Jesus could just as easily have fit in on most contemporary R&B stations these days and if you never saw a picture of the band you’d never know the difference.


Glassjaw – Must’ve Run All Day

And the song he did with Cage, Shoot Frank was one of my favorite hip-hop tracks of the past year.


But hey, it’s what the guy wanted to do so more power to him. However based on some of the comments he made about Dan the Automator after the Decadence album I take it that he’s a little scatterbrained these days and isn’t looking to make too many new friends. (Apparently there was no falling out, and Darryl was happy with the final product, but he never wants to collaborate with him again. Not a bad thing in itself if you want to keep doing new things, but the way it was said just struck me as odd).


There’s nothing wrong with getting your dance on man, but I like it hardcore too. Don’t forget about that side. Hope to catch you guys on the road sometime soon.


Glassjaw – Radio Cambodia

And since I cheated you before on new Deftones material, here’s a nice track off of the new album.

Deftones – Xerces




I hit the Rokout Festival in San Bernadino yesterday with The Prodigy, DJ Q-Bert, Sage Francis, Mindless Self Indulgence and more. That was an awesome time, so keep an eye out for that recap coming soon. We also got our hands on an advance copy of the new Shins album, so raerae should have a nice post about that coming sometime soon, as well as lots more of what you’ve come to expect from The Alternakids crew.

Worship and TributeDecadence
Saturday night wrist


2 Responses to “The Return”

  1. adam Says:

    that’s awesome news!
    i’ve been starving for more angry daryl 😈
    head automatica just didn’t cut it. the song off of roadrunner united was close, though.
    driving to MN is gonna suck, though.

  2. The Deftones @ Gibson Ampitheater « The Alternakids Says:

    […] never been to the Gibson Ampitheater before and it’s actually quite nice. This was a show I’d been looking forward to for a while, and I was hoping it would be a good night. I’ve actually heard mixed reviews of the Deftones […]

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