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So yesterday I got a mass email from Thom Yorke talking about the fact that he would be putting up remixes from some of his Eraser tracks on the website. So I went to grab them and of course within the hour I could’ve also found them on the Hype Machine.

So in the interest of not posting the same thing that everybody else is right about now, I’ll talk about the new project that Nigel Godrich is working on From the Basement. Of course if you’re a big Radiohead fan you’ve already heard about it at this point. Basically what it consists of is a series of live studio performances filmed without an audience and only available for download over the internet. You can purchase either clips or the show in its entirety through itunes or the official website. The show officially debuts on December 18th, but I already saw clips on YouTube yesterday. (You can look, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be taken down as soon as they go up.) Of course audio tracks of the performances are circulating like wildfire as well.

From the Basement

Scheduled for the pilot episode are performances from The White Stripes, Four Tet, and of course Thom Yorke doing some solo piano versions of two songs slated for the upcoming Radiohead album. Also slated to appear later on in the series are Beck and Jamie Lidell as well as a slew of others that’ll be sure to rock it out.

So once again in the interest of not posting the same thing every other blog is putting up right now, I’ll give you live versions of the same songs performed by the full band, and a track from Thom’s Japanese solo b-side ep Splitting Feathers.

Radiohead – Down is the New Up (Bayside, San Diego 6/27/06)

Ever since Kid A critics have been speculating about Radiohead’s return to “guitar rock”. Well Amnesiac actually consisted of tracks from the Kid A sessions, and Hail to the Thief went just as far if not moreso into the experimentation visited with Kid A. If this track and others such as Bangers and Mash or Bodysnatchers are any indication, this is the great return to form everyones been waiting for. Personally I loved the experimental side of the band, but with tunes this rockin’ I can’t complain about them going back to the drawingboard one bit.


Radiohead – Videotape (Bayside, San Diego 6/27/06)

This beautifully epic piece will be immediately added to my funeral playlist.
Not much I think I need to say about this one, just listen.


Thom Yorke – Jetstream

More electronic goodness in the vein of the main tracks from “The Eraser”. For a project Thom was just “piddling with on weekends” there’s some groovy stuff associated with this album.




And for those of you unfamiliar with Four Tet, you need to get hip, like quick. Not gonna go to much into the backstory here, because he’s definitely deserving of his own post, but I will say he’s done quite a bit to disprove the theory that you can’t remix a Madvillain track and improve upon the source material. I don’t even want to start the list of other people he’s remixed or who have gotten jiggy with his original tracks. (I promise that is the last time you’ll see me use the word “jiggy” for a good long time. I think you’re allowed to say it once every five years. I believe Puff Daddy and Will Smith have used up their lifetime quota.) Here’s a sample of how Four Tet lays it down.

Four Tet (feat. J-Dilla) – As Serious As Your Life Is

Four Tet – Iron Man (Black Sabbath cover)

trust me you NEED to hear this song. He’s stripped it down and reworked it into something silky smooth and almost unrecognizable. I’m tempted to start a petition to make sure this gets included in the upcoming Iron Man movie along with a cameo from Ghostface.


Splitting FeathersRemixesEverything Comes and Goes


2 Responses to “From the Basement”

  1. tad Says:

    this is a nice place you’ve got here. in compiling my end of year lists i was noticing how narrow my focus has become in genres i listen to. seems like you’ve got a pretty wide, eclectic mix here, so i’ll be sure to keep an eye out on you. case in point, those four tet tracks are sweet–i guess i need to get hip, quick.

  2. JT Says:

    Can’t believe that it’ll cost 20 bucks to DL the entire show, though. Kinda much, isn’t it? Whole show, 9.50 english pounds?

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