Obligatory Christmas Update


Well, obviously the biggest music news of today is the death of the hardest working man in show business, James Brown. There’s no way I would muster up a fitting tribute in such a short amount of time and even if I could all I would be doing is reiterating what countless others will be saying in a matter of hours. Possibly some of the other Alternakids will piece together something soon.

I was on another hiatus over the past week or so taking care of personal business (a.k.a. procrastinating), so I won’t leave you hanging, but I’ll go ahead with the post I originally intended to go up this Christmas Day.

It didn’t occur to me that if I was going to post holiday music I might want to do it before the actual day. I mean who’s gonna be listening to a bunch of festive music after the fact? Well, obviously that didn’t occur to me until it was too late, so here are a few Christmas songs that I intended to post in celebration. Even if it’s past by the time you read this check them out anyway and save them for next year. Some of these are rockable year round anyway.

Outkast – Player’s Ball

The prime example of what I was just talking about. A lot of people don’t even realize this is a holiday song, and indeed on the version released on their SouthernPlayalistic debut the lyrics were rearranged a bit to make it more universal. The fact remains however that the first song released by Outkast appeared on a Christmas compilation and has plenty of undeniable references to the holiday season.

MC Chris – Fuckin’ up my Christmas

This is not so much a holiday oriented song as much as an expression of dismay at the site of a beautiful woman.

Mr. Lif – Santa’s got a MuthaF*ckin’ Uzi

St. Nick is gangsta yo!!!!!!! And finally a hip-hop classic that no Christmas would be complete without.

Run-DMC – Christmas in Hollis


A LafaceSanta’s Got a Muthafuckin’ UziLife’s a Bitch and I’m Her PimpRun-DMC Greatest Hits




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