In the Name of Free Shit


Editors note: Alright.. I have to interupt the countdown to talk a little bit about Stone’s Throw Records. Seriously they are one of my favorite things ever right now, and they’re not showing any signs of letting that sentiment fade anytime soon. If you live in Los Angeles there is no excuse for you not to be at Funky Sole on Saturday nights. Dude… Cut Chemist is just one of the awesome DJ’s that shows up to spin on a regular basis and you can get in for FREE!!!!! If you’re not listening to their podcast you’re missing out for sure (Egon’s Turkish Funk mix is one of the illest things I’ve heard in a while and he tells me that a psychadelic mix is on it’s way shortly). Later this month they’ll be teaming up with Kid Robot for a special event and limited edition Madvillain action figure. That’s just a portion of all the awesome stuff I’ve found out about within the past week. I’ll let rilla tell you about a little bit more.


viva la liberacion

Never have I ever
gotten something so free so special
as a New Year’s gift
This year
two great Lib’s got together
to give us some fine fine free shit
Why don’t you go and get it from them for free?


A little Post Christmas cheer for everyone

Doom Christmas Special Promo

Quasimoto – Rappcats


Remember, don’t stress in the New Year, just relax, Cann Ox, El-P, Doom/Ghost, Ghost and Bruce Springstein.. they’re all gonna come out with albums.






2 Responses to “In the Name of Free Shit”

  1. sondh Says:

    Why are you telling people about the Madvillain figure!?!

    If I don’t get one now, I coming after you!

    Seriously though, this didn’t need to be free, I would have paid money for it.

  2. white silk Says:

    DL’ed that Liberation album a week ago and haven’t stopped listening to it since…’s so good that I almost feel dirty for coppin’ it for free.

    IMO, Kweli’s rhymes definitely faltered a bit on his latest work (Beautiful Struggle, Right About Now, etc.) as well some of his collabos but he stepped it up nicely on this joint and his flow works REAL WELL with Madlib’s off-kilter, jazz/soul production (not that many MCs wouldn’t, but that’s beside the case).

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