Best of 2006: #6 Murs – Murray’s Revenge


I went on a little bit of a sabbatical to celebrate both my birthday and my 2 year anniversary of moving to LA, but now it’s time to get back to business here.

The blogosphere is all abuzz about what a good year it was for hip-hop in 2006 and looking back I really can’t argue with that. So today I present to you the first of several appearances by stellar hip-hop albums on our countdown.

There’s something to be said for an album that drops in the first quarter of the year and is still quickly recalled to memory when year end lists are calculated. This year there were several albums that fell into that category (and I’m still convinced that the only reason “Donuts” didn’t make this list was because my peers forgot that it actually came out this year instead of last… but I digress).

Full size Murs

What can I say here about Murray’s Revenge that I didn’t already say in my previous post or in the review I wrote for M+ this time last year? This second pairing with 9th Wonder was different on quite a few levels from 3:16. It may take a few listens before you realize that while Murs is flowing with just as much potency and ferocity about the same subject matter as all of his previous efforts, he never once curses or uses the N-word throughout this album. Rumor is he made some kind of deal with mom-dukes for this one in that regard.

Released by Record Collection (a division of Warner Brothers), this not only marks a step out of the underground-independent matrix, but a step into development as Murs now heads up A&R for the hip-hop division of the imprint. All of the press I’ve seen about the deal however distinctly says that Record Collection has the rights to his collaborations with 9th Wonder, so I couldn’t tell you what this means in regards to his standing with Def Jux.

Other power moves made by Murs this year include securing an endorsement deal with Hurley clothing and joining the team of Al Gore’s “Current TV” as a host. With all this stuff going on it’s amazing the man even had time to put a whole album together, yet alone have it be as much of a head nodder as it is.

In honor of the city I’m learning to call home, I present to you the video for the first single, simplistically titled “L.A.”

The album is in and out with only 10 tracks, and I already gave you a preview in the aforementioned post about Murs’ back catalog, but we just wouldn’t be talking about Murs if we didn’t give you a track for the ladies. Here he takes a minute to talk to us about racial identity and the importance of being true to yourself no matter what your background, race, culture, or even your gender may be.

Murs – Dark Skinned White Girls

Check out the whole album and you won’t be disappointed. I can name at least five people I recommended this too back in January and all of them bought it and were pumping it well into the summer months without disappointment.


4 Responses to “Best of 2006: #6 Murs – Murray’s Revenge”

  1. tad Says:

    sweet, i think i missed out on all the hip hop last year. this sounds great though, i’ll be checkin it out. keep ’em coming!

  2. JT Says:

    I think I forgot “Donuts” for that exact reason. However, in the end I did have a little more love for “The Shining”, as ridiculous as that might sound.

    Regardless, Murs was on fire in ’06, and this album was superb. 9th Wonder is the man with the golden touch [and golden ear].

  3. Sondh Says:

    I left out ‘Donuts’ because, it didn’t make the grade… *ducks* Still, a great album though.

    I now want Murs to work with other producers on his next album, I want a new ‘The Dance’.

  4. doctashock Says:

    Well even if Donuts didn’t make our countdown there are two other albums with “donut crumbs” that did. I think just knowing the conditions the album was made in enhance the listening experience for me personally, and it’s not just blind Dilla adoration either, because I bought “The Shining” the day it came out and I’ve probably only listened to it a total of 3 times.

    9th Wonder is tight, but I too wouldn’t mind seeing Murs back with some other producers for his next effort. Like I said I don’t know his standing with Def Jux, but I did hear that RJD2’s next album is being released by a different label as well. Hmmm…

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