Best of 2006: #3 TV On The Radio – Return to Cookie Mountain


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Sometimes an artist bears their entire soul on a record and you feel as if you’re experiencing every ounce of tumultuous pain they’ve suffered as its done tenfold unto you. With Return To Cookie Mountain, TV on the Radio teeters between the dark side of every mind and the heavenly state of euphoria you experience when you wake up after a nice dream, only to bring you back down like a dirty needle full of crank. Kyp Malones’ falsetto is a beast all its’ own, but if the album scares you a bit at first, his high-pitched tone will have you heading for the hills. If, and only if, you find yourself able to get through that you will uncover an album that had musicians yearning to be a little more strange this year and even inspired El-P to come out of his hiding place to remix “Hours” and create one of my favorite songs for the year. TV on the Radio may not explode on the scene (soul-less scenesters pardon my language) in 2007, but in 2006 they lit the fuse.

TV On The Radio – Hours (El-P Remix)

When the initial version of the album was leaked earlier last year, the album seemed to have no direction, but when it was finally released, they had shuffled the songs and ultimately made it better for the listener, after all we’re the most important when it comes to the album, right? The album starts off in a sea of music, complete with various samples, percussion and guitars all wailing in unison, the other vocalist in TVotR (<– don’t be lazy), Tunde Adebimpe climbs out of the deep jungle of sound alongside Malone, they cast their voices to the skies.

TV On The Radio – I Was A Lover

The group has come full circle and instead of the usual drop-off into sophomore slump oblivion, they become a five-piece on this album. Fully appreciating their musical talents, their shortcomings and their creativity as a whole, TV on the Radio succeeds at pushing their own limits as musicians and yours as a listener. Most impressive on the album is the atmosphere built from beginning to end, from the opener you get a sense of where you are, within a movie, scene to scene, song to song. It might be hard to explain why you fall in love with this album, (it’s no where near the very definition of a “classic” that the group is capable of) but there’s a certain part of everyone that will.

TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me

Author’s Note: After watching the Grammy’s, I realize this group is the type of group that should win multiple awards if the Alternative category was more “alternative”. What happened to grunge again? Thankfully, Gnarls Barkley won the award this year, so I’ll complain more next year.




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