Just another day of work to me…


This is me working 12 hour days at the moment and being pretty busy with various other responsibilities. This is me not wanting to leave you all hanging for too long. This is me about to lose a whole lot of street cred…

I used to like the band Bush. Screw it, they’re still alright if you ask me. You see they were a group of pretty decent musicians actually, but they got a bad rep because at the time they came out there was little they could do to dispute they were riding the grunge wave started by Nirvana. I’m gonna blame the marketing people for that. It doesn’t help that there second album featured artwork by the same guys who did the artwork for In Utero… or that Steve Albini produced both albums. I’m just saying, all evidence points to somebody trying to cash in and that responsibility usually falls on the record label.

Anyway I hadn’t thought much about Bush in years. That is until the other day at work when I was working in one of our offsite locations and stumbled over a pile of boxes laying on the floor. Without disclosing too much about what I do as a day job, let’s just suffice it to say that said boxes were full of the original analog masters for most of Bush’s recordings. I wonder if anybody else would envy the fact that I was holding bona fide, genuine article Steve Albini master tapes. I mean you either appreciate that or you don’t. Chances are if you do you’d be in awe. Apparently Steve went uncreditted on some of their earlier material as well, further explaining the comparison.

Steve Albini Masters
I needed to throw a post together real quick here, so I figured that was a cool story to tell for now and I could attach some relevant tunes to it. I’m not to worried about my “indie credibility” here cause I have and will prove that many times over some other time. Besides… we can draw the kiddies in with this stuff and hit ’em over the head with the raw ‘ish once we’ve got ’em.

Later on I’ll let you ask me about the time my boss was getting death threats from Suge Knight.

Bush – Little Things

Bush – Greedy Fly

Bush – Prizefighter

Up until last week apparently there were some other boxes floating around with the original masters for that band that Gavin Rossdale’s wife used to be in.

No Doubt – Don’t Speak

Oh and speaking of Steve Albini and just because I like to show off… I own a copy of the Pennyroyal Tea single which I bought in college for $5. If you don’t know the significance of that look up how much it goes for on Ebay.



Nirvana – I Hate Myself And Want To Die

Sixteen StoneRazorblade SuitcaseThe Science Of ThingsTragic Kingdom


5 Responses to “Just another day of work to me…”

  1. white silk Says:

    I have no hate for Bush (the band, that is), but I am definitely more interested in the Suge Knight bit….that stuff is intriguing no doubt. And, speaking of No Doubt, I didn’t know ol’ Gwen left them for good. Really?

  2. tad Says:

    “we’ve got bush. we’ve……got bush.” this is all pretty sweet. i think that’d be a cool find even if you hate bush. sounds like you’ve a pretty sweet job

  3. JT Says:

    Damn dude. Excellent dig. Where the heck do you work again?

    I used to love Bush too. When I still lived in the UK, I think I saw them four or five times over the course of about 2 years, back when Razorblade Suitcase just came out, and they rocked so much. Even though a bunch of their songs used the same 3 chords, it didn’t matter. Then he got married and they mellowed out.

  4. David Schatanoff, Jr. Says:

    Ah yes… Suge still making threats over there? Nice post and WHAT THE HELL were the master doing over at the offsite? What’s that about?

    Wish I’d find stuff like that laying around my office… better check between the cushions for that George Martin Beatles B Sides wax cylinder!

    ~ d

  5. matt Says:

    how do you do a wax cylindar –> digtal conversion? You’ll have to figure that out if you find that Geo. Martin fab four B-Side. Or maybe the lost masters from the legendary Louis Armstrong-Sly Stone-Martin Hannett session.

    but you MUST convey the Suge Knight story at some point.

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