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Ed. note: If you haven’t noticed, “The Alternakids” isn’t like al the other music blogs out there.  We aren’t here to get into pissing matches about exclusive content, or argue about who premiered something first (*coughKlaxonscough*).  If you want to stay on the bleeding edge of what’s leaked or who’s doing working on what then there are plenty of other places for you to get that.  Hopefully when you come here you might learn something about the details and history behind the music that’s being rushed to the presses everywhere else. 

That’s not to say we don’t stay in the loop though.  So I’ve decided to let rilla start a semi-regular news post to keep you guys current on any interesting news you may have missed out on.  Here is the first of said updates.


  • HBO Docs: Ghosts of Abu Ghraib proves that if those photos hadn’t gotten out, no one would have cared about the abuse.
  • 100 years for this soldier, Bush needs to use some ‘strategery’ with Iran, if the British pull-out, can we?
  • Ozzfest is free? Only because System of a Down asked to be paid to play (cheap, very cheap of you Sharon) She said, the fees earned by bands, including about $325,000 a show for the group System of a Down, almost sank the festival.
  • QuarterlifeParty is very Coachella-centric these days doing profiles and providing video of most of the artists on this years line-up. Check out our snazzy Coachella rundown as well. Props to the good Docta for this one. Have fun getting your day tickets on Craigslist.
  • Jay-Z says something a year late with his ‘Minority Report’ video, but ‘Big Easy to Big Empty’ sums it up much better.

Take your pick now Hollywood. He’s looking through her soul in this picture.

  • This is why Talib Kweli is the smartest artist in hip-hop today.
  • Steve Jobs has words for the entire free music world, so start reading. Thoughts on Steve Jobs’ thoughts on music? They don’t care.
  • The RIAA is scary being altogether. Beware of those college kids. I will say nothing further until I receive my inevitable RIAA summons. (I downloaded ‘White & Nerdy’ I admit it. You caught me, my IP address is 11.11.07734, now turn your monitor upside down)
  • 9th Wonder left Little Brother and hip-hop died a little bit. Maybe it’s time to teach with Play. (Yes, from Kid and Play)
  • DC is sick of kids having fun, Ted Leo is not a fan. Ian Mackaye has words.
  • The Proposed ban is something I would call a “shit sandwich”. sharksandwich
  • Don’t look now, it’s another Monopoly, this time for Extra.Terrestrial radio in the form of the XM/SIRIUS merger.In other news, a former stripper/Playboy model Vicky Lynn Marshall died February 9th, sadly leaving behind her baby daughter. A former child music star is entering rehab in an effort to keep her two children after she mysteriously cut her hair publicly, possibly to keep it from being drug tested.The Alternakids offer our condolences to the families of these people and hope they are both in a happier place now.Luckily I did get this DEVELOPING STORY from a trusted source in news.shitNN


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