PLEASE the band by giving PLEASE a listen.



I wasn’t sure what to make of this band when I first gave it a listen via the website (, youtube, myspace, etc. There was certainly something catchy about some of the songs, but how would it transfer live? ‘Really well’ is the answer. I like my stuff to rock for the most part, and can do without the ‘song-and-dance’ to get to it. I was unsure, but once I stepped into the Temple Bar a few weeks back and caught PLEASE live, my nervousness was squashed. They destroyed the competition (I mean the other bands playing around them) that night… and even though (I’m sure they would admit) it wasn’t technically their best. But that’s what is great about something live — you can come and deliver quality without perfection, and still own the joint.

PLEASE – Flush

With a last minute booking, I was fortunate to catch them again at the Universal B&G in my neighborhood. Please wowed the unsuspecting new audience of listeners. I’ve heard a wide-range of PLEASE comparisons… a cool Barenaked Ladies with some edge, what the Gin Blossoms wish they were at their best, a trendy Calexico on gin. But how about just some damn enjoyable music? That’s what I prefer.

PLEASE – Smoke ’em Out


The album is called “Broken Little Songs”, and I would recommend it to most (it’s even nice to give as a gift). One description of the band on their website is, “Their sound is a tasty retro cocktail with the punch of a contemporary blend mixing Herb Alpert and early Bowie with a dash of Coldplay.” Maybe? I heard a female-friend (Shelli) listening to the “Feelin’ Melancholy” cd version say (with the up-most respect and enjoyment of the music), “It reminds me of the muppets. I like it!” Meaning she found her head bopping, body moving, and having a joyful carefree feeling while riding along in the car. After that song, it rolled into one of my favorites and far contrast from the previous mood, “Jurisdiction” – a usual closer if you catch them at a club near you. “I like my things tiny and silver/ she likes hers great, big and gold/ I’m just a poor boy living up/ in this rich girl’s world” are just a few of the fun, yet strongly delivered lyrics from front-man of this six-player masterpiece, Donnie Stroud.

“Underground Lounge Rock”? That’s what the quote for their MySpace page says ( Well that’s certainly one way to stick them in a ‘genre’ of music, but with any luck in the not-so-decent future — PLEASE and the audience it is creating will pull them ABOVEground and into play-lists of the many (not the few). But one can only hope.

PLEASE – Hopes Up


PLEASE – Like I F*cking Care

Really…. Enjoy!


…HEAR SOMETHING LIVE (you never know until you taste):

May 4th (fri, 11:30p) PLEASE @ “The Hotel Cafe” in Hollywood, CA (

May 9th (wed, 9:30p) AUTOMATIQUE @ “Molly Malone’s” in W. Hollywood, CA (

May 12th (sat, 9p) COLONY OF ECHOES @ “Extremes” in Orange, CA (

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