bumpin’ icky thump


Editor’s note: It’s about time we added a fresh voice around these parts, so it’s my pleasure to introduce to you this next Alternakid. I actually met ni9n when he won our contest to the LA Weekly Detour Festival last year. Being new in town at the time we ended up hanging out quite a bit since then. He’s been at several of the festivals I’ve attended since then, and it turns out his day job actually hooks him up with a lot of tickets to shows as part of his “research”. They also allowed him to be one of the first people to hear the new White Stripes album a while back… but I’ll let him tell you all about that.


greetings, my fellow Alternakids. let me tell you all about this great album that comes out next week called ‘icky thump’. it’s by this band that you may of heard of called ‘The White Stripes’. They’re this two-piece from Detroit who like to pretend they’re brother and sister, but that’s besides the point. all that you really need to know is that they rock.

well, let me add on to that a bit. you need to know that they rock, but you need to know that their latest album rocks the most. it’s true. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a protected advance copy about a month ago and I listened to nothing else for two-weeks straight, at which time I had to relinquish my copy back to its rightful owner. it was ok, though, because the album has been playing over and over in my head ever since.

The White Stripes – Icky Thump

by now, you’ve probably heard the rumblings of the title track playing on your local radio station, or perhaps, even set your eyes on the video taking its turn on Fuse. what you may have noticed is a bit of a political overtone, maybe some funky keyboard action, and quite possibly Meg’s new hair. but this is just the tip of the iceburg… a hint of what’s in store.

Marry me, Meg.

I will refrain from going through a track-by-track explanation and comparison to their prior works… I will refrain from trying to convince you that this album rocks harder than any of their other albums, and I will refrain from letting the cat-out-of-the-bag when it comes to the wide variety of musical instruments that make a first time appearance on this record.

The White Stripes – Rag and Bone

I will simply say this: Icky Thump is, in my opinion, the best offering as of yet from The White Stripes.

now, this is not said lightly. they have won Grammies for their last two albums. it is hard for me to imagine anything being better than Elephant, but answer me this:

What kind of White Stripes fan are you?

answer the man!

To me, there are only 3 kinds.

The White Stripes – We’re Going To Be Friends

1) Your favorite song is ‘We’re Going to be Friends’ because you heard it on the Napolean Dynamite soundtrack, or

2) Your favorite song is “Ball and Buscuit” because you love the way Jack goes off on his guitar, or

3) You can’t pick your favorite song BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL SO FUCKING GOOD.

I think if you’re a 2 or a 3, you’ll agree with my aforementioned opinion. If you’re a 1, forget your walking blues, and learn to embrace your 300 MPH torrential outpour blues.


P.S. the album’s out on Tuesday, pre-order on iTunes now and getta couple of free tracks. or better yet, if you live in LA, head down to Icky Thump Records, (formerly Tower Records on Sunset), and get a ticket to the free show for this Wednesday. don’t sweat it if you don’t make this show, they’ll be back in September.


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