Wait’ll I Get My Money Right…



No, we’re not dead… just busy.  The people who pay me for my time have given me some new responsibilities at the day job and there have been several other distractions as of late as well.  So I apologize for bailing out on my reviews of Sonic Youth, Daft Punk and Rock the Bells, but we should return shortly with regular updates.

Other things of note to report since I’ve been gone I met Karen O. of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs out shopping for clothes interestingly enough.  Went to the Do-Over a couple of Sundays at Cranes and hung out with Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies, Aloe Blacc from Stones Thorow and several other of my local DJ heroes.  And generally I’ve just been adjusting to the weird senation of actually becoming a presence in the “local scene”.  Not to sure yet how I feel about being psuedo-recognizable at certain places… sometimes I like to just lay low when I go out.  On the other hand I can’t complain about the female attention.

Sunset Junction is this weekend featuring the likes of Blonde Redhead, Morris Day and the Time, The Buzzcocks, Deniese Williams, and several other great acts throughout Saturday and Sunday.  Chances are I’ll be hanging out for at least a little bit at some point during the festivities.

Even with the lack of updates, The Alternakids have managed to steadily gain notoriety here on the internets.  Thank you for all of the comments, links, and steady site traffic.  I hope to bring you more quality content in the near future.  Speaking of which… I finally got around to asking Percee P about doing an interview, so hopefully that will come soon.  Also I’ve been getting quite a bit of music in my mailbox for review, so I’m thinking about doing a series dedicated to profiling and review the music of people who think enough of our little blog here to ask us for our opinion and publicity. 

At any rate… keep the feedback coming, I’m definitely listening, and it is appreciated.  We’ll see you all soon.


2 Responses to “Wait’ll I Get My Money Right…”

  1. debstar Says:

    the do-over! damn. i keep missing out on those. when’s the last one?

  2. doctashock Says:

    I’m pretty sure Do-Over runs through October. Hopefully I’ll get a few more Sundays free between now and then.

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