It’s All Calypso


Editors Note: So I figure that it’s always nice to have fresh voices to the mix, so I asked this next young lady to come and give us some more female perspectives here at our little corner of the blogosphere.  She likes to rock and that’s alright by us for sure. 

Be sure to check out her other rantings over at Oxymorons and Hangovers where you can read all about her day to day misadventures with “the kiddo”, hanging out on the town with the girls, and… “donkey fucking (???)”  If you happen to be one of her coworkers however you might want to think it through, ’cause the next post she writes might be about you.  With that I introduce to you “Pretty Lush”.


As of now, the diehard fans are probably on board, tickets gripped in anxious white knuckles. But if not, mark your calendars: Glassjaw is resurfacing in SoCal for three dates. While the east coast seems hardly deprived as some few and far between shows have been performed in New Jersey over the past few years (those Jersey fans are again in for a treat when GJ headlines the Saints & Sinners festival in early November), the west coast fans have been in withdrawal.

After a few hiatuses ranging from line-up changes (a regular occurrence since the GJ birth in ’93-’94) to side projects (guitarist Todd Weinstock formed Men, Women & Children; Manuel Carrero with The Jiant and Saves the Day; Durijah Lang with Classic Case; and of course, Palumbo with Head Automatica) to Crohn’s disease (severe bouts of which have kept Palumbo from performing in the past), the Long Island-born Glassjaw have reunited and will be pummeling their west coast fans with a much anticipated return. The dates are as follows:

10/28 @ The Avalon, in Hollywood

10/29 @ The House of Blues, in San Diego

10/30 @ The Glasshouse, in Pomona

If you’ve yet to witness a live performance, now is your chance. The aural aggression of this band, classified as everything from progressive rock to punk to ‘screamo’, is a welcome assault. They’re often compared to Fugazi, and Palumbo’s range to Mike Patton (of Faith No More) but for most, their sound is unique and diverse; ranging from ambient to chaotic to hysterical, and back again in perfectly smooth transitions. The harmonies coupled with the chaos is like the shock of salt on an open wound, if ever a thing could feel good and possibly leave you breathless. Palumbo’s voice is unrivaled in that he can tantalize your nerve endings with a croon and in that same breath shred his vocal chords so harshly that the listener is left raw.

Glassjaw – Her Middle Name Was Boom

Take the melody of Her Middle Name Was Boom in stride with the anger of Hotel of the White Locust and still next to these, the rough sounds of Siberian Kiss. Play these individually and you’ve got eclectic taste. Play these consecutively and you’ve got a damn good album. The ever-changing pace leaves no room for redundancy. And Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence (2000) is only the first full-length. Following their departure from Roadrunner Records, GJ signed on with Warner Bros. and released Worship & Tribute (2002). One listen and you’ll know that the diehards are on to something. You’re bound to sing along on Two Tabs of Mescaline or Cosmopolitan Bloodloss but leave the incantation/wrath of Stuck Pig to the professional.

Glassjaw – Stuck Pig

If you have the means, check them out. It’s been since 2002 for me so I’ll be the crazy fangirl thrashing about at all three shows. Come say hello.


Everythiing You Ever Wanted to Know About SilenceWorship and Tribute


5 Responses to “It’s All Calypso”

  1. Marci Bones Says:

    Go ahead with your bad self, Altera-lush!!

  2. Mandizzly Says:

    You go cousin! Now that’s what I’m talkin bout! Wonderfully executed.

  3. Mandizzly Says:

  4. Lukey Says:

    very good, i like this writing, i also like your website O&H as of… 10minutes ago 😀

  5. Ashley! Says:

    *screaming fangirl noise*
    My darling lush,
    It’s only a fan of your caliber that could brilliantly craft such a great piece; your love for their creations shines almost as brightly as your words.

    Rock out with your… um.. OK, well that didn’t work… out.
    (Think of a female body part that rhymes with c*ck and fill that one in for me.)

    Love love ❤

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