Born to do it

Founder and lead editor of The Alternakids.

Likes to think he’s a rockstar.

You can tell him he’s not by sending email to:


8 Responses to “doctashock”

  1. nueve Says:

    yo man, thanks for the ticket to Detour!! check out my blog.


  2. Dee Says:

    Nuttin But Stringz. I just bought the album and added to my iPod. (Yeah, I’m a a capitalist sucker). Anyway, I’ve been a fan of their single “Thunder” for over a year now since I saw em on Leno, and the CD Struggle From the Subway to the Charts was released this month. Check em out

  3. nueve Says:

    yo. Rokout Festival 2006 just added Hooverphonic to the bill. This thing is going to go the fuck off. Are you going? Let’s hook it up.

    check the website

  4. dtags21 Says:

    Hello docta, i did figure out how to get the player working on my blog. Turns out the online host exarchive doesnt recognize itunes files. I have my music backed up on mp3 so its no big deal. I hear ya on those long days, ive been putting in 10 hours a day for like 2 weeks and its draining. Thanks for the help with the player though, maybe I’ll run into ya at Coach. Love the website you and your boys have got going here. Lookin real good

  5. Amateur Chemist Says:

    Glad to see you back. I have been super busy with shows. See ya at the shows!

  6. losiraM Says:

    RT says he gotz some AXE fo’ yo’ azzz! BTW- we have some (bad) pictures if you’d like to see them

    -RT and Marisol

  7. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  8. judy Says:

    Why so dead in the water?

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